Aparthotel Arai 4*S

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Customer reviews

Average rating 5/5
Walter Pagnotta Rating 5/5
January 2020 Wonderful stay

Reception was especially worth noting. First you are seated, not standing. Then there was a gentleman with glasses that took time to get us situated to the surroundings with a map. Very client oriented.

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Nigar Ayinigaer Rating 5/5
January 2020 Very nice hotel

Really polite and friendly staffs! Highly recommend it!

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Bryan Learned Rating 5/5
January 2020 Excellent service

The staff were very welcoming and very helpful when we had any queries or needed assistance. Exceptionally professional, courteous, and helpful, and the rooms were immaculate!

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Craig Clarke Rating 5/5
January 2020 Highest recommendation!

Excellent facility! We had a great stay. Staff was excellent as was location and the room.

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Oscar Daniel Rating 5/5
January 2020 Perfect stay

My husband said he’d go back to Barcelona just to stay there again! Better than any 5-star hotel we used. Friendliest staff. Quiet, spacious rooms. Loved the big refrigerator and kitchenette as a whole. I wouldn’t recommend any changes.

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