Hotel Gran Derby 4*

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Average rating 5/5
Jennifer Hughes Rating 5/5
October 2018 Will recommend to friends

Excellent service from front staff.

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Frida Shahrokhi Rating 4/5
September 2018 Great Hotel & Staff

We stayed here in last week of Aug.2018.
Everything was great, spacious and clean room, staff are extremely helpful, an asset to this hotel.I recommend to everybody if they need a good hotel in Barcelona.

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María T. Rating 5/5
September 2018 The room was beautiful and clean

The staff was great and extremely helpful.

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Tajinder Paul Rating 5/5
September 2018 Great rooms

Nice setup, great people at front desk.

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Luc Hulshof Rating 5/5
September 2018 Everything is as it shoud be

Good, clean hotel and great staff.

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