Hotel Gran Derby 4*

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Average rating 5/5
Robin Randall Rating 5/5
February 2019 Excellent

Just what we wanted/needed for a family of 5. Ideal location. Just a 10 minute walk to the Metro. Plenty of reasonably priced bakers/grocers and supermarkets near by. Clean and comfy. Reception were friendly and helpful, and very accommodating in looking after our luggage on our final day (We had a full day before flying home, so taking our luggage in was very helpful). Would definitely use this company again when returning to Barcelona.

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Isabelle Calme Rating 5/5
February 2019 The whole experience was great

Good facilities, well managed and good location.

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Joseph McGuiness Rating 5/5
February 2019 Great place to stay

Comfort and location.

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Oleg Efremov Rating 5/5
February 2019 The best place we have stayed

It was our four times in Barcelona.. Very helpful staff, great location. Everything in the hotel is well thought out. We hope to return. Thank you!

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Thomas Born Rating 5/5
February 2019 Can only recommend

Can recommend the friendly staff, great location and excellent money for value.

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