Hotel Gran Derby 4*

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Average rating 5/5
Miles Kelly Rating 5/5
July 2018 We had a wonderful stay!

The staff could not have been more helpful, and everything was spotlessly clean. Best hotel shower EVER!

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Mary Rhine Rating 5/5
July 2018 Hope to return someday

Wonderful staff, delicious breakfast, quiet, restful and terrific! Your hospitality is hugely appreciated.

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K. S. Rating 4/5
July 2018 Room was perfect

Big and comfortable. A good bed and nice decoration. Furniture is also very nice. The pool and the terrace on the other hand are small, but it was enough for my daughter and me.

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Susan Ormonde Rating 5/5
June 2018 Good value for money hotel

Great area... easy access to public transport... friendly check in and out.

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Patrick D. Rating 5/5
June 2018 Excellent value

Clean place. Helpful friendly staff. Quality room.

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