Hotel Bagues inaugurates the new Masriera Museum

November 22nd 2011. Jordi Clos, Chairman of Derby Hotels Collection, and Joan Oliveras Bagués, Managing Director of the Bagués-Masriera Joyeros jewellery company, have chosen the first anniversary of the Bagués Hotel to present the exhibition of a selection of works by Masriera based on the jewellery produced by Lluís Masriera (1872-1958) to the public for the first time. On the first floor of the hotel, located at Las Ramblas no. 105, all those with an interest in modernist jewellery and Art Nouveau can enjoy the more than 100 pieces that make up the exhibition, including jewels, objects, engravings and sketchbooks containing original designs.
This is the most complete historical exhibition about Masriera in the world. The selection consists not only of jewellery, but also of utensils and tools, drawings and designs produced and used by the renowned Catalan company, one of the most prestigious companies in the modernist and Art Deco decorative arts movement in the world. The Bagués-Masriera museum collection brings together pieces from between 1900 and 1925.

Some of the modernist jewellery that can be viewed in the Bagués Hotel has been exhibited in the most important museums around the world, including the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid and the MNAC (the National Art Museum of Catalonia).
This ensures it is a lively, dynamic exhibition that aims to popularise the artist’s work and intends to exchange pieces with art centres and museums. The exhibition will change over time depending on loans made with the aim of displaying all of the extremely extensive Masriera collection that Bagués-Masriera Joyeros possesses.

Further information: Masriera Museum Press kit