Aura Fundació

Projecte Aura

Representatives of Aura Fundació and Derby Hotels signing the collaboration agreement

Alongside the Corporate Social Responsibility activities carried out through the Clos Archaeological Foundation, Derby Hotels Collection is collaborating with Aura Fundació since 2016.

For over 25 years, Aura Fundació has focused its activities on the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in the workplace using the Supported Employment model. This model, which was implemented and developed by Aura Fundació, was the first in Spain and ground-breaking in Europe.

The Foundation has received the following acknowledgements:

  • HUMANA Award for the task in social and labor insertion (2016)
  • Commemorative plaque of the Generalitat de Catalunya on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Aura Fundació (2014)
  • Recognition of AESE for the boost of Supported Employment (2013)
  • Prize in the Area of ​​Disability granted by Fundació Agrupació Mútua (2009)
  • Recognition to the 20 years in the l Symposium of Supported Employment in Bilbao (2009)
  • ECA Caja Madrid Award to the most senior institution to apply Supported Employment (2008)
  • Caixa Sabadell Obra Social Award (2006)
  • IMSERSO Award for the labor at integration of people with disabilities (1999)
  • Commitment Award 1st of May Rafael Campalans (1998)

The mission of Aura Fundació is to help improve the quality of life of the intellectually disabled through social and labour inclusion, using the Supported Employment model.

The values include respect for the individual differences of each person, commitment to the mission, the participants and their families and an innovative and positive spirit.

One of the projects in which this foundation is working is the Aura Habitat project. This project seeks to offer youngsters with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities the opportunity to live in an ordinary environment with students, learning to live together and and do all the daily tasks that involve sharing a flat with other people. This means living for a certain period of time in a shared flat with 3 other participants in the Aura Project and 3 psychology, educational science or social work students in order to learn the skills and responsibilities that are generally difficult to acquire in the home with their family.

This was a pilot project that began in October 2002. As well as being a ground-breaking project in terms of independent living, it already works as a consolidated model that has been used by many institutions as a benchmark. The collaboration with Derby Hotels Collection began through this Aura Habitat project.

We first made a financial contribution to initially pay for any maintenance, work, furniture and general improvements to the home so that the tenants feel at home. This collaboration began in June 2016 and is to last for another 3 years.

Aura Habitat - DHC Programme

The goals are,

For the Aura youngsters:

  • To learn how to perform the different tasks involved in the maintenance of a home, either alone or with support.
  • To learn how to share and live with other people.
  • To promote independence, individual responsibility and respect for others.
  • To encourage teamwork.
  • To participate and cooperate in the organising of leisure activities (parties, dinners and outings, etc.).
  • To learn how to value their own abilities and difficulties.
  • To respect their flat-mates and the furniture.

For the students:

  • To give them practical application of their studies in an innovative environment and acquire experience that enables them to face new, future professional challenges.
  • To learn how to share and live with the intellectually disabled.
  • To encourage the youngsters to become involved and participate in the flat.
  • To assess the abilities and difficulties of the disabled youngsters and help in their improvement.
  • To promote leisure times.
  • To encourage teamwork.
  • To respect their flat-mates and the infrastructure of the flat.