Banc dels Aliments Foundation

Banc dels Aliments

Jordi and Joaquim Clos presenting the donation to El Banc dels Aliments

The Banc dels Aliments of Barcelona is managed by a private charity foundation that is independent, apolitical, non-religious and non profit-making. Its main objective is to recover surplus food and distribute it among local organisations to ensure it reaches the needy.

Collaboration with El Banc dels Aliments has been official since 2015. The DHC Great Collection is made every Christmas, in which all company personnel is asked to make a donation of the food required by El Banc dels Aliments. At the end of the collection, DHC donates double the weight collected by its workforce. Last year's event enabled us to donate 2,000 kg of food that when entirely to El Banc dels Aliments in order to help those most in need.