Paris’ hidden treasure revealed at Hotel Banke 5*

The charming and historic city of Paris is not short of mystery, but the latest hidden gem has been revealed by Derby Hotels Collection at Hotel Banke 5* with the inauguration of the Salle des Coffres, a hidden vault.

Set majestically on the corner of Rue Pillet-Will and Rue La Fayette, Hotel Banke 5* was previously used as the headquarter of the Swiss and French Bank until it was reopened by Derby Hotels Collection in 2009 as a hotel.

Mysterious secrets locked away

After months of renovations to ensure safe access, Hotel Banke 5* has opened up the doors to the hidden vault. The room contains more than 450 safes, of which only 22 have been opened. The contents of the rest remain a complete enigma, with nobody knowing just what hidden jewels or treasures may be behind the sealed doors of each safe, some belonging to Paris’ most important figures of the past, including Gustave Eiffel, the civil engineer and architect best known for the tower
he designed.

An exclusive event opportunity

This truly unique space is now opened for both corporate and private events. The Salle des Coffres can be hired for a day starting at £5,070 and can host up to 180 people (250m2). The hotel is also able to provide other services, from security to catering, to help organise any event.

Jerome Bourdais, general director of Hotel Banke 5* said, “we are delighted to open our vault to the public after many months of work. We extend our deep roots into the historical heritage of Paris. These notions of heritage and history are essential for us alongside our love of art and history.”