Get inspired by Hotel & Spa Claris 5*GL when art makes its way into a hotel room

Hotel & Spa Claris 5*GL is housed at the former Vedruna Palace, a neoclassical building from 1883 located in the heart of Barcelona. The hotel welcomes guests who cherish sophistication and quality, connecting them to the majestic atmosphere that the palace breaths and making them feel not like mere visitors but like legitimate keepers of the palace.

Every room owns original art pieces, resembling a private palatial mansion whose desing was created to inspire:

Vases from the Ming and Shang Dynasty, contemporary masks from the Republic of Benin, pre-Columbian pieces, African ceremonial heads, 18th century English furniture, Roman mosaics or pieces from anciente Egypt; are combined with the finest of materials: olive and maple in laid with rosewood marquetry; carved sandstone mouldings; ebony, merbau and aged oak hardwood floors; gold leaf on the ceilings and walls black titanium granite from Brazil or New York artist custom designed wallpapes, among others.

The Clos family, owners of Derby Hotels Collection, have exquisited introduced real pieces from their trips to art auctions, and their private collection, creating an inspirational and electric space to be contemplated and relished like a vivid museum.