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Derby Hotels Collection

Derby Hotels Collection


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With the arrival of good weather, now is the perfect time to enjoy the best terraces inBarcelona. Enjoy a drink by the pool, savor some delectable tapas in good company, watch thesunset over the city……

London in Spring, Londres au printemps

10 things to do in London in Spring

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With the arrival of spring, London comes alive with colour. Spring offers the perfect weather to enjoy the streets, gastronomy, range of cultural attractions and flowery parks of the British capital.  Find out about the…

10 things to do in Madrid in Spring

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Beautiful sunsets, colourful gardens, pleasant temperatures… Spring offers the perfect weather to enjoy the wonders Madrid has to offer. Its streets, gastronomy, terraces, festivals and fairs, cultural offer and flowery parks all make for unforgettable…

10 things to do in Barcelona in Spring

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Barcelona in spring is a magical time to enjoy the city. The sun shines brighter, flowers adorn street corners, the terraces fill with people. The setting is perfect for outdoor activities. Here are 10 things…

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How to show your pet some love while traveling

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The 20th of February is World Love Your Pet Day, but it’s a day we celebrate every day at Derby Hotels Collection as all our hotels are pet-friendly. Your pets are more than welcome at…

The Magic Fountain of Montjuic in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona in wintertime

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Barcelona is a world-famous destination for its stunning and often quirky art, award winning gastronomy and world class restaurants and of course, its wine. However, there’s much more to the Catalan capital’s melting pot than…

Puerta del Sol with christmas decorations in Madrid

Wintertime in Madrid

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Madrid has rightly earnt a reputation as one of Europe’s most attractive winter break options. Often overlooked as a winter option in the past by Northern European sunseekers, the Spanish capital now enjoys huge interest…

Wintertime in London

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Many visitors from around the world are captivated by the magical history of London which comes to life more during the winter months. The British capital is a city whose reputation precedes it and a…

Barcelona city view

Autumn in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a city bursting with culture, history, and things to see and do. For anyone with even the slightest inclination for wanderlust, a weekend getaway in Barcelona is a real treat. Autumn is the…

Big Ben - Places in London

Autumn in London

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Autumn in London is a truly magical place. The city looks straight out of a rom-com. Being the size it is, you forget how green the city can be. And when autumn comes around, and…