Black Party

Black Party

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Derby Hotels Collection supports emerging artists with personality as a result of its interest in linking art and culture in its hotels through the GLASSart, a tool that allows us to present new ways to express ART.

This time GLASSart # 3 dressed in black to expose the young designer Iñigo Garaizabal’s thesis. An exhibition of seven total looks that can still be seen, by both hotel guests and the general public until December 9 in the atrium of the Urban Hotel.

Iñigo Garaizabal is a promising young Spanish fashionista who fell for the Urban Hotel Madrid since he arrived a few years ago. Winner of the 2nd Prize MODAFAD 2012 and Special Mention “Best Collection” feminine and masculine in his thesis at IED Madrid, Iñigo’s designs are handmade and he takes care of everything; selecting fabrics, modelling clothes, making unique patterns, to dress both women and men.Exclusive pieces of clothing that are born with the aim of dressing practical and functional people, but mostly sensitive people.

This exhibition is the first opportunity to see the beginnings of his work. A job that looks to the past, inspired by the tradition, which retrieves regional fabrics, it even follows custom lines.

As the exhibition title suggests BLACK the colour black is very important in the work of Iñigo. An attraction in which he operates perfectly and that he himself defines as a neutral, functional, stylish and relaxed colour which allows to go beyond the aesthetic and to assess other aspects of the piece.

A very special thanks to Rosa Orrantia from Persuade, to be the culprit of many wonderful things happen and sometimes being around in the distance. We love you Rosa.

An exhibition which we celebrate with a party where everything was BLACK! Even the menu, prepared by our chefs Pere and Genaro, combined with Oscar Duran and all overseen by Paco Patón and his team, who once again surprised us with their creativity and savoir faire: black popcorn, black rice sushi, black ships, mini burgers with black bread, black rice, squid ink croquettes, fritters trumpets of death, black rocks with chocolate, mini sacher cakes, black gummy bears black, black Russian, Mahon dark beer…

Some of the people who joined us on this adventure:

Clara Courel, Josefina Vicario, Aida Nizar, Diego, Pilar and Carlos, the whole team of IED from Madrid, David Pla, Bea Moreno de la Cova, Nicolas Crison, Audrey Marsal, Aldara Collet, Emilia Grabowska, Moncho Tamames, Suji Ogun, Mariana Suárez, Borja Martin, Borja Vazquez and Manu de Scalpers, Raúl Marina de Vanessa Lorenzo, the Gómez brtoehrs and fashionistas like Begoña Robles, Silvia Romano, Gorka Postigo, Antonio Diaz, Josie, DEMOartist, Mary and Irene, Abraham Garcí­a, Raquel Diaz, Janio Renwick, Michel and Julio from MEDEMS among many others and beloved friends.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and here they are. You will find more on our facebook!