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Cocktails with Sake

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Tradition says that sake can’t be served by oneself, so let yourself be seduced by the creativity of Urban Hotel catering team led by our beloved Paco Patón. A team that works throughout the year, studying, testing, creating … to finally be able to wonder each summer with a different and unlike offer.

Each season we look for a clear protagonist to be added to the usual range of cocktails such as gin and tonic or a selection of the best rums and whiskeys. This year the main character of our summer nights is Sake. On the terrace of the Urban Hotel you will find a menu based on this fermented beverage which receives the same processing as wine and towards which we felt strangely attracted. One of the most refreshing and cosmopolitan combinations is undoubtedly the Sake Tonic: A tonic based mix and sake with hints, notes and different flavors such as lime peel, ginger, apple, yuzo, soy … The result is a pleasant and attractive drink  with an oriental and contemporary tone. With an alcohol content of no more than 7º, you can enjoy a drink with structure, volume, generous and low alcohol content.

Climb to the terrace of the Urban Hotel, make yourself comfortable and prepare to travel to your easternmost point. Before savoring the cocktail, make sure to dedicate an arigatou to the waiter,  after a bow, the occasion calls for it!