755 Exhibitions Barcelona January 2016

Exhibitions Barcelona January 2016

Exhibitions Barcelona January 2016

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If you´re coming to Barcelona or you’re in Barcelona this month take note of the most important exhibitions that you can enjoy in the city, from Derby Hotels we give to you our proposal!

Pic from “Barcelona Turisme”

Salvador Dali. Dali, mestre in metamorfosi: until 26th of February you can enjoy this exhibition curated by the art critic and specialist in Dali, Ricard Mas, which contains 30 works of this artist which include paintings, watercolors, collages, drawings and sculptures.

Collection TàpiesWorks and references: don’t miss at the Antoni Tàpies Foundation this exhibition where you can enjoy a selection of works by this artist since the middle of the period of 1940 until the 80s.

Walking around with Gaudí: If you want to understand this great architect’s work in a very entertaining way you should visit this exhibition, which is located in The Gaudi Exhibition Center , a new space located at the Diocesan Museum of Barcelona.

Maillol and Greece: The exhibition tackles one of the most crucial episodes of the path of the sculptor Aristides Maillol (until January 30th). This exhibition, explores the influence of the artistic history of Greece in the work of the sculptor Arístides Maillol.

Bultaco, legend Jet: The Motorcycle Museum Foundation hosts this exhibition organized to pay tribute to one of the brands of motorcycles with more charisma in the history of Spain.

Gods of Egypt: Know in the Museu Egipci de Barcelona all about Egyptian deities in this exhibition in which you can enjoy fully the different artistic manifestations of the deities in the ancient Egypt.