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Looking for a gift

Looking for a gift

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I’m becoming fond of, when I’m in Barcelona, ​​taking a walk on Saturday mornings. And, increasingly more and more!

These days the city has another appearance. It radiates freshness, has a weekend smell, and always seems to inevitably look for the night.

My destination: the Ramblas. I take the chance to have a wonderful breakfast at the BAGUES Hotel.

At 10:30 A.M. I’m ready and from Carmen Street I step into the universe of the Raval neighborhood, a meeting point between cultures, where each street takes you to a new city,
a new gaze, new surprises.

Some days ago I heard a story that caught my attention about a GIN AND TONIC scented gel.
I did some research.

Turns out that a chef and a journalist opened  some time ago a small shop in the active and ever-changing  Joaquin Costa street.

In the midst of the great commercial activity that always takes place in the Raval, is hidden their small temple of cosmetics and good taste: Les Topettes.

An elegant store of natural cosmetics and soaps focusing on the so-called niche brands, which quietly takes you to the 20s due to its charming appearance of an old pharmacy.

The care and pampering with which everything  is chosen can be seen from the moment you step in the store, until its concise but effective interior decoration: white shelves, a nice retro sink and a display table in the middle. Different items and brands are at display offering:  soaps, colognes, gels, toothpaste, lip balms …

… from soaps presented in vintage dishes, to candles embedded in retro porcelain cups, toothpaste, soaps presented in a delicate packaging… and even the famous gin and tonic gel that is quite an experience for the senses.

Les Topettes is a delightful little corner where the two owners know how to service you with attention and kindness.
The classic address to take into account when you have to surprise someone with an original gift.

33, Joaquin Costa Street
08001 Barcelona

I continued my walk up Joaquin Costa street  and before half past two I thought it was a good idea to finish my stroll at the Boqueria buying a good fresh fish.

I obtained my gift, I got my food, but the best of all was the nap …

Happy weekend!

Pepe García Communications Manager Derby Hotels Collection