The essence of Christmas returns to the Claris Hotel & Spa Barcelona

Tradition and luxury are the key to dishes such as suckling pig or octopus cannelloni without gratin, signed by Jesús Pastor.

The Claris Hotel & Spa in Barcelona recovers the essence of Christmas with a traditional, classic cuisine based on seasonality. The gastronomic soul returns to one of Barcelona's emblematic terraces, and Christmas is the turning point to unveil the keys to its new cuisine.

Recovering the essence and classicism of the Claris Hotel & Spa is the main objective of this new stage," says Joaquim Clos, General Manager of Derby Hotels Collection. "Classic dishes such as escudella, suckling pig or truffled octopus cannelloni are an example that the best is yet to come for the Claris' 30th anniversary Christmas," he adds.

The Claris Hotel & Spa stands out not only for its gastronomy but also for the great experience it offers through its rooms: stylish, very comfortable and wrapped in art. Staying at the Claris is a journey through history, as each and every one of its rooms has a unique piece of pre-Columbian art, all belonging to the company's impressive private collection.

Jesús Pastor's menu is faithful to the quality of the product, respecting it and providing luxury down to the smallest detail, in an intimate atmosphere of elegance and exclusivity.

The cannelloni, for example, is presented ungrilled, wrapped in a cloud of Parmesan that preserves the freshness and enhances the flavour of the poulard.

The suckling pig, a complex recipe full of flavour, is presented in a perfect aesthetic, accompanied by a toasted base of tomato and leek confit.

For Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve and St. Stephen's Eve, La Terraza del Claris offers tempting appetisers such as the foie gras and beetroot macaron and the carabinero royal, topinambur and caviar, among others. For the 24th and 25th December, the menu is completed with the traditional escudella. And on the 26th, the main dish is truffled octopus cannelloni with a cloud of parmesan, a delicious dish with a different twist. During the 3 days of festivities, dishes such as monkfish bouillabaisse and suckling pig can be enjoyed, and to round off the menu with a perfect finale, the Terraza del Claris offers a series of desserts such as tapioca and coconut soup with citrus fruits; and chocolate, oil and gold.

For New Year's Eve, the Claris Hotel & Spa includes a wider selection of dishes to enjoy the most special night of the year. From surprising starters such as air baguete ham; mini txangurro and avocado taco; tuna belly with pine nuts; or Chinese bread with creme fraiche and caviar; to interesting proposals such as spardenyes carbonara; lobster in pistachio suquet or wagyu rib with morels, to name just a few.

In addition, guests can enjoy a different kind of Christmas thanks to the Mayan Secret Spa, a space dedicated to balance and harmony between body and mind. An environment where you can disconnect and strengthen the spirit through Mayan rituals and secret treatments, passed down for generations.

The Mayan Secret Spa offers a wide range of facial and body treatments, massages, beauty routines and a wide variety of rituals so that everyone who decides to stay at the Claris Hotel & Spa can enjoy a complete relaxation and disconnection experience.

Located in the late 19th century Vedruna Palace and just a few metres from the best boutiques in Barcelona, the Hotel & Spa Claris 5*GL stands out for its elegant rooms and for housing a lounge-museum that hosts an exhibition with more than 50 unpublished works of pre-Columbian civilisations and  pre-Columbian civilisations and the Mayan culture. It also has a spectacular terrace with views over the city, an outdoor swimming pool and an exclusive spa.

Turn Christmas into a unique experience by combining art, luxury and sophistication with an exquisite gastronomic proposal.

 Price: from 90 euros (Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas and Sant Esteve lunch).

         342€ per night 2pax in a Superior Room (without breakfast).


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