The Hotel Villa Real presents the Collection of ancient art mosaics, one of the most important in Spain

The Hotel incorporates into its sample 20 oriental mosaics from the 2nd-4th century AD

The Collection will remain in Madrid permanently and will be open to people from Madrid and visitors. The expansion of this exhibition reinforces Derby Hotels Collection's commitment to artistic and cultural heritage with the city of Madrid

Madrid, 2nd December, 2021.- The Hotel Villa Real 5* presents its Collection of 20 new mosaics dating from the 2nd and 4th centuries AD. –from Asia Minor– which join the 89 pieces already on display, making it one of the most important ancient art exhibitions in Spain. Jordi Clos, President of the Derby Hotels Collection and the Clos Archaeological Foundation, presented the Collection that will remain in Madrid as a permanent exhibition, open to locals and visitors.

Thus, with the exhibition of ancient art mosaics, Derby Hotels Collection once again shows its commitment to the artistic and cultural heritage of the city. Unique pieces that are part of the 45-year work of Jordi Clos, patron and passionate about art. Through international auctions,the Derby Hotels Collection houses one of the most important private collections of ancient art mosaics in Spain.

“We bring together in the Hotel Villa Real one of the most significant collections of mosaics of ancient art in Spain and with archaeological value. In this way, citizens and visitors will be able to enjoy the pieces exhibited in the main collective rooms. We believe that it is an exhibition of important cultural value that we make available to the city”, says Jordi Clos.

The rooms of the Villa Real, 'museums' of Greco-Roman art

Located on the Prado-Recoletos axis, the cultural artery of Madrid, the Hotel Villa Real houses a Collection of new mosaics that stand out for their artistic quality. Made in mosaic workshops–master mosaic makers–, the experts point out the perfection of each one of the pieces.

A five-foot-high marble statue of Aesculapius, God of Medicine, located in the hall welcomes guests and visitors.

With it, visitors enter the ancient art. Made up of more than 100 mosaics, most of the collection is exhibited in the common areas, in the halls and rooms.

Technically, it is a work whose surface is achieved by the arrangement of small fragments of stone or other materials in a regular way and in different colors. Specifically, in the ancient world, the mosaic was a luxury ornamental element that allowed cooler floors built with which to combat the high temperatures during the summer period. These were 'rugs' that imitated pictorial realism and perspective, defined as 'stone paintings'. In addition, paving the floors was a status symbol.

Inside, the Villa Real exhibits more Collections in its halls, such as the Apulian Ceramics sample made up of 20 pieces. Under the name of Apulian vases, it is the most important production of red figures defined in Magna Graecia –from various necropolises in southern Italy and Sicily-

Apart from Greco-Roman art, the Hotel Villa Real houses contemporary paintings by the most internationally recognized Spanish artists such as Josep Guinovart and Antoni Tàpies in its rooms. In addition, the Villa Real has works by Andy Warhol, who inspired the decoration of the East 47 Restaurant.

Sleep surrounded by 5,000 pieces of art

The art collection of Pharaonic Egypt made up of more than 1,300 original pieces is exhibited at the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona – an institution chaired by Jordi Clos, which has recently discovered the temple of Pharaoh Ptolemy in Kom al-Akhmar Sharuna – is not the only one museum that can be visited linked Group. Derby Hotels Collection shows the art value of its hotels as one of the Group's commitments to offer a differential value. Since 1968, the year the Hotel Derby opened in Barcelona – the company's first establishment – ​​Jordi Clos' passion for culture has led the Group to create a collection of 23 establishments with their own personality.

Each of the buildings owned by the Clos family has an architectural value and integrates art as part of the decoration. Thus, the Derby Hotels Collection currently has luxury hotels and apartments in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Paris and London that house more than 5,000 works of ancient and contemporary art. Exclusive spaces of great artistic value where, beyond sleeping, guests and visitors live experiences designed to awaken the senses.

Specifically, part of the artistic and cultural heritage of the Derby Hotels Collection is the Asian Art Collection (691 objects); the Pre-Columbian Art Collection (299 pieces); African art (456 pieces); the Hotel Derby Modern and Contemporary Art Collection (1,168 works); the Opisso Collection (360 works), the Masriera Collection (94 works) and the Ethnic Jewelry Collection (466 jewels) in Paris.

As a sign of its interest in cultural heritage, Derby Hotels Collection provides guests with a cultural passport that allows them to visit the Collections of each Hotel, including free access to the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona.