755 10 Essential summer Activities for a Memorable Time in Madrid!

10 Things to Do in Madrid in summer: Enjoy the Summer Season to the Fullest

10 Things to Do in Madrid in summer: Enjoy the Summer Season to the Fullest

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Summer in Madrid transforms the city into an epicentre of activities and events to make the most of the summer season.

From strolling through El Retiro Park to immersing yourself in the culture of the museums and tasting the local gastronomy, there is something for everyone. Terraces, street markets and popular celebrations create a lively and vibrant atmosphere.

Whether you are a local resident or visiting, here are 10 suggestions for making the most of your summer in Madrid.

1. Explore El Retiro Park:

This green oasis is the perfect place to escape the summer heat. Take a boat ride on the lake, relax in the shade of the trees, or simply enjoy the sculptures, fountains or gardens that hide the many idyllic corners of the park. A visit to El Retiro is not complete without a visit to the Palacio de Cristal, one of the best examples of cast-iron architecture in Madrid.

2. Visit museums and sleep among pieces of art:

Seize the opportunity to explore Madrid’s renowned museums this summer; including the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía Museum, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum during their regular visiting hours. If you are an art enthusiast, you will be delighted to know that you can stay amidst Papua New Guinean artefacts at the Hotel Urban or sleep surrounded by Roman mosaics at the Hotel Villa Real. These two hotels are located in the heart of the city’s “art triangle,” which encompasses its most significant museums.

3. Escape the heat at Madrid’s rooftop terraces

If you’re looking for a place to unwind and take in the city of Madrid, a rooftop terrace is your best choice. La Terraza del Urban offers a luxurious oasis where you can enjoy stunning views of the Madrid skyline, indulge in top-notch cuisine, and sip on refreshing cocktails. It’s the perfect spot to experience the true essence of Madrid.

4. Experience the charm of Madrid’s markets and flea markets:

The summer season brings Madrid’s markets and flea markets to life. Take a stroll through El Rastro, the city’s renowned street market held on Sundays. Discover other food-oriented markets like the Mercado de San Miguel, a popular spot for vermouth and a range of snacks from olives to oysters, or the Mercado de San Antón, a gastronomic heaven located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Chueca.

5. Discover the cultural scene of Madrid during summer

Experience the Veranos de la Villa Festival, now in its 39th year and running until August 27th. This festival features a diverse range of events, including concerts, theatre performances, dance shows, zarzuela, circus acts, exhibitions, and many other activities taking place across the city. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to enjoy Madrid’s vibrant cultural offerings!

6. Taste the local gastronomy:

Summer is the perfect season to relish the culinary delights of Madrid. Try traditional dishes such as “cocido madrileño” or tapas in the city’s typical bars and restaurants. If you’re a food enthusiast, indulge in CEBO, which is open until 5th August and immerse yourself in a diverse and nuanced cuisine that explores various flavors. If you plan to visit Madrid after 5th August, then you can savor the delicious tapas from the new “Mordiscos by CEBO” menu at La Terraza del Urban.

7. Explore the most picturesque neighbourhoods:

Embark on an experience of discovery and enjoy the authenticity of every corner of Madrid’s different neighbourhoods. Discover the charms of bohemian Lavapiés, trendy Chueca or historic Barrio de los Austrias. As you explore their picturesque streets, marvel at their architecture, dive into vintage shops full of treasures, relax on outdoor terraces and soak up the vibrant cultural and culinary scene that each neighbourhood has to offer.

8. Immerse yourself in the local festivities in August:

During this month, Madrid celebrates the festivities of San Cayetano, San Lorenzo and La Paloma. These celebrations fill the streets with music, traditional dances, typical food and folklore. These three famous festivals are held consecutively between the 4th and 15th of August. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the summer tradition in Madrid!

9. Experience Madrid’s nightlife:

Are you a fan of vibrant summer nights? If so, consider exploring Madrid’s effervescent nightlife scene at Glass by Sips. This drinkery house was imported from Sips Barcelona, recently ranked as the third best bar in the world by 50 Best Bars 2022. Cool off during hot summer nights while sharing innovative cocktails with your loved ones in a modern and casual atmosphere.

10. Enjoy the best cinema on the warm summer nights:

Cibeles de Cine is the largest cinema festival of the summer in Madrid. From now until mid-September, you can indulge in movie screenings catering to all preferences at a magnificent location, under the glass dome of the Palacio de Cibeles. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary movie night!

The summer season in Madrid offers a range of exciting and memorable experiences for tourists and locals alike. Do not miss the opportunity to discover all that this fascinating city has to offer in July and August!