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5 New Year’s resolutions for travellers

5 New Year’s resolutions for travellers

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2020 has just begun and with it a new year full of possibilities and dreams to fulfil. Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? If travelling is always top of your list, we offer you 5 more suggestions that will suit you perfectly.



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1. Move more

Surely doing more sport is already among your plans for 2020. And travelling is no reason to stop! Choose a hotel with a gym or swimming pool to keep up with your exercise routine, or opt for walking routes to discover all the hidden corners of your destination whilst you move.



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2. Eat better

Eating healthier is also about learning to enjoy the new flavours offered by travelling. Every country, every city and every culture has its own gastronomy. Dare to try new dishes and be surprised by the creations of the best chefs, wherever you go. Have you tried our hotel restaurants in Barcelona, Madrid and Paris?



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3. Improve your mind

Travelling is the best way to fill your life with new experiences. It is a perfect opportunity to activate your mind by visiting new museums, art exhibitions, attending musicals, concerts, photographic exhibitions… On our agenda you’ll find cultural activities in Barcelona, Madrid, London or Paris.



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4. Enjoy yourself more

You love travelling and you always want to make the most of every minute on your getaways. But you don’t have to rush. Take your time. Enjoy yourself and savour every moment, stop to appreciate the little things and, most importantly, take some time for you! Why not treat yourself to a relaxing ritual in the hotel Spa? You will leave feeling revitalised.



5. Rediscover a destination

Just because you have been somewhere doesn’t mean you can’t go back. On the contrary! Revisiting a destination gives you the chance to discover it with new eyes. Try travelling there at a different time of the year, try new activities or visit places you didn’t visit the first time around.

Do you feel like committing to these New Year’s resolutions? Derby Hotels Collection wishes you a 2020 full of trips and new adventures.