A Secret on Paseo de Gracia

A Secret on Paseo de Gracia

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Imagine a hairdresser’s. What are you picturing? Surely you are not thinking of the words art, entertainment, wine or cocktail.

However, the artist Ingrid Pérez and the hairdresser Salva García did think of them and together they have created what is now known as:  The Secret Room, a room that does not fulfill the features of a traditional hairdresser’s.

Their main motivation: for the consumer to make themselves at home. The result: neon lights, a very sixties pastel colours poppy room, an aged parquet floor, leopard patterns, colour contrasts on the walls, vintage leather couches, thick curtains, decorative vinyls… A mixture of intentions which configure a perfect scenario for both the shooting of an Almodóvar’s film and an organisation of an event in a cool and arty space.

Located in the heart of Barcelona (Paseo de Gracia, 26 ), in The Secret Room apart from having your hair cut or a new look, you can also enjoy of all the advantages of a beauty saloon such as having your nails done or even a shiatsu massage…

Every Thursday this exclusive new space devoted to welfare and beauty turns into a meeting point for the lovers of cocktails and wine. But that is  not it, The Secret Room makes it possible for you to buy pieces of art, to lie in the couch and even to read a book.

Since its inauguration last September 27th, some famous bands such as Sidonie, an Spanish Alternative Rock band, have already been there to shoot their promotional video of their last gig.

From DHC we want you to forget of what you first thought when we mentioned the word “hairdresser’s” and to be ready to live a unique experience that surely you will want to do again.