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The good weather is here and, with it, the Hotel Terraces Week in Barcelona! From 2 to 11 June, the terraces of Barcelona’s hotels will take centre stage. Workshops, show cookings, tastings, concerts and dance classes are just some of the activities you cannot miss.

As in every edition, Derby Hotels Collection will be taking part in this essential event. Take note of our scheduled activities!

Theoretical sushi Masterclass in Claris Hotel & Spa

Become a sushi master

This year, the Claris Hotel & Spa 5* GL joins Os-kuro experts to give a theoretical sushi Masterclass. Learn about the history of sushi, Asian cuisine, and the basics and best techniques for making quality sushi.

In addition, you will learn tricks to get the rice just right and tips on the best fish according to the season.

This activity will take place at La Terraza del Claris on the 6th and 9th of June from 17:00h to 18:00h. Previous registration is required. The capacity is limited, so we recommend you book your spot in advance.

You can register by emailing mcamolei@derbyhotels.com or by calling the following telephone number: +34 93 487 62 62.

Gastronomic activity in Hotel Granados 83 4* S Barcelona

Surprise your guests with Mexican food and drinks

Hotel Granados 83 4*S also takes part in the Hotel Terraces Week in Barcelona with a Mezcal and Aguachile Tasting and Pairing. Learn the most genuine techniques to reproduce at home two of the most emblematic elaborations of Mexican cuisine: the margarita and the aguachile.

You will also have the opportunity to learn about the history and production methods of mezcal from Ivonne Binder, the hotel’s chef, and Silvia Andrenacci, Brand Ambassador of the Entrecompas group.

This activity will take place at La Terraza 8  on June 8th from 19:00h to 20:00h. Previous registration is not necessary. Seating is limited, so we recommend you arrive with plenty of time in advance.

Cocktails with friends at hotel rooftop bar Hotel Claris Barcelona

Barcelona from the hotels’ roof terraces

If you are not into activities, but you do enjoy terraces with friends, you can also experience the Barcelona Hotel Terraces Week with us!

Have a relaxing time by the pool on the terrace of the luxurious and emblematic Claris Hotel & Spa 5*GL, while you savour your favourite options from our tapas and cocktails menu. La Terraza del Claris is open every day between 11:00h and 01:00h.

Are you looking for a more modern and casual atmosphere? Hotel Granados 83 4*S offers a cosy terrace where you can share an unforgettable aperitif with your friends. Terraza Bar 8 is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday; from 12:00h to 23:30h.

Hotel Terraces week in Barcelona

Barcelona Hotel Terrace Week

This year we celebrate the 11th edition of the Hotel Terraces Week in Barcelona, an initiative of the Barcelona Hotels Association in collaboration with the City Council, with a proposal of 160 cultural, musical, and gastronomic activities, for all tastes!

What are you waiting for? Disconnect and experience the city from the heights, on the roof terraces of Barcelona’s most iconic hotels.