Autumn in London

Autumn in London

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Autumn in London is a truly magical place. The city looks straight out of a rom-com.

Being the size it is, you forget how green the city can be. And when autumn comes around, and the leaves turn to yellows and browns (and reds and purples, and everything in between – it’s a real sight to see), there’s nothing better than visiting the multitude of parks and tree-lined streets changing colours. If you’re asking yourself what to do in London, all you need to do is step outside.

Perhaps the best of these spaces is Kew Gardens. This royal botanical garden is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and filled with over 50,000 living plants. Being so vast, there are countless scenic spots to photograph and it’s easy to find enchanting corners to sit and take it all in. And if you’re more in the mood for places to pass through and stop by as you shop the city’s world-famous shopping areas – from markets in Covent Gardens and Old Spitalfields to the luxury boutiques of Bond Street and Harrods – you can’t get much better than Chelsea Embankment. This walkway along the banks of the River Thames offers stunning views of the water and city alike, and the magic of the tree-lined path is multiplied tenfold in autumn.

In the stretch of time from October-December, these green areas also come alive at night. The spaces are filled with sparkling fairy lights, Christmas markets (yes, it begins in autumn in London), food and drinks stalls, and even ice rinks. It’s impossible to be stuck for things to see or do.

When it comes time to eat, a pub lunch in London is utterly essential. This time-honoured British tradition is one for the bucket list in the city. And the best thing about it is that you can get it anywhere. On every street, in almost every pub, for the lowest budgets to the most extravagant, a pub lunch is on offer and is the heartiest way to fill your belly in London. To make it extra traditional, either enjoy some fish and chips with your pint in the pub, or make sure to have a roast dinner. The roast can be lamb, beef, pork or chicken, whichever you fancy most, but make sure to get it with all the trimmings – potatoes, roast vegetables, Yorkshire puddings and plenty of gravy.

If you’re looking for some culture, an essential stop during your time in London has got to be the Tate Modern. A vast building with incredible art everywhere you look, the collections are so big you can go back multiple days and still not see it all. It’s worth a visit all year round, but a specific highlight this Autumn is the Lubaina Himid exhibition. The Turner Prize-winning artist and cultural activist places gallery visitors centre-stage and backstage in this exhibition, taking inspiration from the theatre. And alongside this, the Tate has extended its Andy Warhol exhibition through autumn – art galore!

A weekend getaway in London is one you won’t forget.