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Demo in New York

Demo in New York

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That Demo is a GREAT artist we already know it. However, now even the New York Times proclaims it! One of these summer days, New York woke up with a giant statue of a stylish David dressed in a printed fabric ​​by the famous Italian brand Missoni. A version of Michelangelo’s David in homage to classic beauty and up-to-the-minute design.

This work is homage to classic art states Eladio de Mora, known as Demo, when asked about the installation. He adds It’s a tribute to a master of classicism such as Michelangelo as well as a tribute to a universal icon of ideal beauty with a contemporary icon of fashion such as Missoni.

As a result of Demo’s creativity  and the invaluable assistance of Luca Missoni, this statue of more than 5 meters high, (like the original),  made ​​of fiberglass, steel and polyester resins, is born on the occasion of the Vogue Fashion Night Out held in Madrid and is named “Classic Movement”.

In conformity with the work’s spirit, this reinterpretation of David will be displayed in the Meatpacking district of Manhattan, an industrial and avant-garde neighborhood, which combines art and fashion in the city.

Demo is one of the most internationally renowned Spanish artists thanks to his artwork and his sculptures of bears, cats, or paintings of fried eggs. He uses different languages such as figurative art, pop art and expressionism to reinterpret everyday elements. We enjoy him in Spain and now in New York as well.

We declare ourselves absolute Demo fans and in favor of his message: “people, whichever planet they’re coming from, will always respond in a positive way to art”.

For those who are looking forward for more will be pleased to know that in Paris, the Banke Hotel hosts some of his works and in Madrid his  giant gummy bears are exhibited at the Hotel Urban’s Glass Bar.