Glass Mar: Ángel León’s gastronomic maiden voyage in Madrid

Glass Mar: Ángel León’s gastronomic maiden voyage in Madrid

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Ángel León embarks on his maiden voyage in Madrid with a new gastronomic concept at the Hotel Urban 5*GL, the Glass Mar. The celebrated Aponiente chef, dubbed the ‘chef of the sea’, is the captain of the recent reinvention of the famous Glass Bar.


Angel Leon Glass Mar




The new concept for Glass hinges on a cuisine that draws on the bounty of the sea. The same cuisine on which its creator, Ángel León, has built his reputation, as well as earning him two Michelin stars and the nickname ‘chef of the sea.

The new Glass holds a total of 28 people, featuring ten tables and two bars specialising in the creation of cocktails. Taking inspiration from the sea, the bar is characterised by decorative elements that echo its name.


Glass - Restaurant


It represents an innovative concept that aims to make this culinary experience more accessible to a wider audience in an intimate, modern setting.  In the words of Ángel León,

‘We are offering an alternative proposal at the Urban’s Glass Mar, which does not correspond to the classic idea of a restaurant, a tavern or a bar’.

He goes on to explain that forming part of the Hotel Urban legendary Glass marks his most recent challenge and the culmination of a desire to launch a project in Madrid. It is a venue that also holds sentimental value for the chef, since it was one of his regular haunts when he was just starting out on his professional career.

He is joined in this new venture by Director of Food and Drinks at Hotel Villa Real and Hotel Urban, Francisco Patón, head chef, Borja de la Cruz, and the BistrEAU restaurant’s Ismael Alonso.



The personality of the establishment is characterised by its large windows that look out over San Jerónimo street. The windows, converted into a canvas by the artist Yoshi Sislay, reflect contemporary two-colour illustrations that symbolise a truly fantastical universe. Its shapes and colours sit perfectly alongside a collection of translucent jars of backlit plankton that form the gateway to the Glass Mar’s unique ocean floor.

The rest of the décor also mirrors the origin of the dishes on the menu, reminiscent of Ángel León’s acclaimed restaurant, Aponiente, located in an old tide mill.


Whale skeleton


The impressive, suspended whale skeleton presides over the entire space and evokes the famous mermaid that hangs from the ceiling of the Aponiente. And in the centre of the room, diners have a front-row seat to watch the team in action as they prepare cold dishes and desserts at a spectacular blue marble counter.



Ángel León invites you to try his sea bounty bites with a menu that takes us on a voyage of delights beginning with ‘A wave of starters’ and topped off by ‘There are plenty of desserts in the sea’. It includes dishes such as the Aponiente favourite, creamy rice with plankton, and tuna steak tartare.

A clear commitment to Jerez wines to form the perfect pairing makes for another highlight, in addition to a drinks menu featuring a range of dry sherry wine-based cocktail creations.

A selection of which can be seen below. Out of this world!
What does the sea taste like? Glass bounty bites

What does the sea taste like?

Calamari Sandwich

Calamari Sandwich

Sausage of the sea

Sausage of the sea

Smoked Sardina


Smoked sardine

Chocolate and Seeds

Chocolate and seeds



The Glass Mar serves lunch and dinner from Monday to Sunday from 1 to 3:30 pm and from 8:30 to 11:30 pm. It is also open daily for guests to enjoy its selection of fine wines and drinks. Full details of opening hours can be found here.


Joaquim Clos and Angel Leon

Ángel León and Joaquim Clos at Glass Mar


Thus, Ángel León now forms part of our commitment to offer a range of memorable experiences to our customers, alongside the company’s other gastronomic options, such as CEBO Madrid and La Terraza del Claris.