Healthy breakfast at Hotel Urban

Healthy breakfast at Hotel Urban

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Hotel Urban has extended the breakfast menu to cater for the needs of its increasingly health-conscious customers. Accordingly, the hotel’s restaurant team has been working on a menu that features locally-sourced products so as to preserve the food’s properties and nutritional value.

In addition, detox options, healthy suggestions and vegetarian dishes have been added to the menu in recognition of the importance of a good healthy breakfast.

Francisco Patón, the hotel’s Food & Beverage manager, is convinced of this:

There is a global trend towards taking care of yourself, especially where diet is concerned. The idea is to be able to cater for future needs, build customer loyalty and heighten our awareness of a type of food that is taking on new connotations.



With this in mind, the breakfast menu now includes a varied selection of cold-pressed, vitamin-packed detox juices prepared on the spot in order to preserve all of the fruit’s and vegetables’ minerals and amino acids.

In fact, the juices form the basis of almost all of our detox plans, given that they are not only light and energy-boosting when drunk in the morning, but they also help the body to eliminate toxins.

Customers are pleasantly surprised by our cold-pressed juices and appreciate our efforts to promote a healthier diet.


Detox juices - Healthy breakfast


Another drink that plays an important role in our new menu is milk, where diners can choose from a selection that includes soy, lactose-free, skimmed, almond milk and many more options. Customers can also choose from a large variety of teas and infusions to accompany their breakfast.



The inclusion of fruit and vegetables in our daily diet can help to prevent non-communicable diseases while ensuring a sufficient intake of most micronutrients, dietary fibre and non-essential nutrients, as explained by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This is why Hotel Urban’s new healthy breakfast menu includes tropical fruit such as mango, pineapple, melon and kiwi, as well as other delicious seasonal fruit like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, all sliced and exquisitely presented.


Fruit - Healthy breakfast


Cereals, yoghurt, Iberian cured meats and cheese from different regions accompany a hand-picked selection of artisan breads made from sourdough using traditional methods. There is ciabatta, white and spelt bread, as well as bagels and other baked products.


Cheese - Healthy breakfast

Bread - Healthy breakfast



In addition to a varied buffet, diners can also enjoy a number of hot à la carte dishes such as poached or scrambled eggs with boiled ham, Iberian acorn-fed ham, cheese or mushrooms; an assortment of omelettes, pancakes, sautéed vegetables or smoked salmon blinis. All cooked and served on the spot.

However, because the customer comes first at Hotel Urban and the Derby Hotels Collection, we will be more than happy to cater for their needs and preferences, as Patón explains:

The à la carte menu features a number of dishes, and then there are our suggestions and customer requests, which we prepare on request prior to arrival or because we are familiar with our regular guests’ favourite dishes.


Diners can also enjoy vegetarian and healthy dishes, such as green salads, quinoa salads, wok-sautéed vegetables or egg-white omelette with vegetables.


Healthy breakfast



Everything is served in a unique setting. A true gastronomic experience in which to enjoy art, culture and luxury service in a hotel that combines charm, modernity and glamour with a dazzling collection of art.

A unique experience waiting to be enjoyed at our Hotel Urban 5*GL in Madrid.

Start the day with a superb healthy breakfast!