755 A morning of yoga and fitness with Reebok and Xuan Lan

A morning of yoga and fitness with Reebok and Xuan Lan

A morning of yoga and fitness with Reebok and Xuan Lan

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In December the Claris Hotel & Spa played host to a fitness day organised by Reebok in conjunction with its brand ambassador the yogi Xuan Lan.

It was not all physical exertion and meditation, however, as the attendees also enjoyed another more relaxing and gastronomic side to the day. All these ingredients were combined to form a unique experience.


Sala Garden and Xuan Lan Yoga Sign




Reebok has once again shown that it is a brand whose focus is fitness and the formation of the physical, mental and social connections necessary to become the best version of yourself.

In fact, this concept forms the basis of its new international campaign, ‘Be More Human’. Within this initiative the brand organises events related to fitness and healthy living.

A prime example of this is the event held at the Hotel Claris, in which a select group of representatives of the worlds of fashion, beauty, trends and culture spent a day taking part in a number of activities oriented to promoting healthy habits.

The participants’ experience actually started on the previous day, upon their arrival at the hotel. They found a special Reebok box for the next day’s sessions and a relaxing bath waiting for them in their rooms. They also enjoyed a light and healthy in-room dinner.

The next morning they attended a yoga master class taught by Reebok’s brand ambassador in Spain, the well-known yogi Xuan Lan.



Yoga session with Xuan Lan

 Credits: Official Instagram @xuanlanyoga. Author: @yogaandphoto



In addition to her role as a yogi and influencer on her YouTube channel, Xuan Lan is known for her collaborations with fitness brands. She is also the author of the book My Yoga Diary and the co-founder of the Free Yoga project, an initiative to disseminate this oriental discipline through the provision of free master classes.

Yoga class with Xuan Lan



Both yoga and meditation foster the acquisition of habits that connect mind and body, developing the practitioner’s personal spirituality. At the Claris, the class was held in the Garden room, which is located on the roof of the hotel. There the sun’s rays fill the room with energy from the break of dawn.

Subsequently, the attendees recharged their batteries with a healthy and nutritional breakfast while enjoying views of Barcelona’s Eixample district from La Terraza del Claris.


Breakfast at La Terraza del Claris - Hotel Claris




As part of their yoga and relaxation combination process the guests were privy to the Claris’s best kept secret: the Mayan Secret Spa.

Stress is one of the body’s natural reactions and it can be used as inspiration and even as an aid to help you reach your objectives. However, the real challenge is to manage to avoid its adverse and counterproductive effects.

In relation to this concept, the Mayan Secret Spa is capable of carrying you off to other destinations without ever having to leave Barcelona. It is an experience of total peace in which you leave your everyday concerns behind thanks to its exclusive treatments and rituals.


Mayan Secret Spa - Hotel Claris


To finish the Reebok day at the Claris each guest enjoyed the full spa circuit and a treatment of their choice.




One of our main commitments is the provision of products and services that foster a healthy lifestyle, which naturally includes yoga.

In fact, in both Madrid and Barcelona you can take part in the classes organised by our hotels. For several years the Hotel Urban has been offering sessions with the well-known yogi Marta Nieto at the top of the hotel. The Hotel Balmes holds its sessions in the garden, where you take an incomparable internal journey.


Detox Juices and healthy breakfast - Hotel Urban


Finally, we also offer a wide range of healthy products and proposals in our breakfasts and menus. They make it easy for you to look after yourself when you are away from home.