How to show your pet some love while traveling

How to show your pet some love while traveling

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The 20th of February is World Love Your Pet Day, but it’s a day we celebrate every day at Derby Hotels Collection as all our hotels are pet-friendly.

Your pets are more than welcome at Derby Hotels Collection – we take care of every last detail so you can always show your pet how much they mean to you when you stay with us. Aggressive dogs – one of the problems most often brought to the attention of professional dog trainers, but also a number one reason why dogs are surrendered to shelters worldwide. When we get a dog we get this idea that things go smoothingly and that the dog adapts to our families immediately, but things don’t always work as we plan, and because of a lack of training, poor experience, or unexpressed owners a dog can begin to demonstrate aggression. Learn more about your pet’s aggression on


We know you love animals as much as we do, so traveling without your dog simply isn’t an option. The best thing you can do to keep your pet happy is to choose a pet-friendly accommodation. Thus, your best friend can enjoy your holidays and breaks too.

You can stay with your pet at all of our hotels in Barcelona, Madrid, London, and Paris.


Their own specially designed bed so they can get a great rest. Their own food and water bowls. Dog treats and snacks and a selection of Trixie brand toys.

We take the term pet-friendly a step further with the Stay & Dog package. This fantastic luxury set is a gift to your best friend, prepared with their utmost comfort in mind.


Your four-legged friend may have their very own cozy bed, but for them, nothing beats sharing a relaxed nap by your side. Indulge your pet and enjoy a moment of relaxation together.


Resting together in the room is great, but no doubt your pet will want to be with you when you’re enjoying the outdoors too.

La Terraza del Claris in Barcelona and La Terraza del Urban in Madrid are the perfect spots to enjoy the best views the city has to offer, under the blissful sunlight.

How else do you show your pet how much you love them when you travel together? Tell us and tag @derby_hotels in your Instagram photos when you stay with us.