Three summer festivals held in Madrid in August

Three summer festivals held in Madrid in August

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Summer is here and with it the best popular festivals in Madrid in different neighborhoods of the capital. During August, the city holds several street parties and traditional festivals, known as verbenas.

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The best August Festivals in Madrid

Madrid during August is fortunate to host three of the most traditional celebrations. During these dates, the streets are full of partying and joy, and it is full of decorations and people dancing.

This is also a good time to taste the typical verbena gastronomy. Such as snails or the famous “bocata de calamares”, all accompanied by some refreshing vermouth!

The festival that inaugurates Madrid’s August is San Cayetano, followed by San Lorenzo, each one taking place in the neighborhoods of Embajadores and Lavapiés. Finally, the neighborhood of La Latina celebrates La Paloma one of the most popular festivals in honor of the Virgin of La Paloma.

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San Cayetano in El Rastro

Although San Cayetano officially takes place on August 7th, the party starts on the 6th in Calle Embajadores and several streets of Lavapiés. You will find decorations hanging from the rooftops, charity events, and open-air concerts throughout the night.

It is also when they dance the “chotis” and make the traditional distribution of lemonade to all present. Locals also set up food stalls in the street, and the bars serve outdoors to join the festive atmosphere.

All this is possible thanks to the collaboration ofcontinuesghborhood residents, who make the festivities a memorable occasion.

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The Festivals in Madrid continue with San Lorenzo

After San Cayetano, we move on to San Lorenzo! Madrid holds these festivities in the neighborhood of Lavapiés on August 10 and 11 in honor of San Lorenzo.

The atmosphere is very similar to San Cayetano. Locals decorate the streets and hold various championships, concerts, and shows for children. The religious procession with the Saint leads to several open-air parties, traditional “chulapos” dances, and traditional costume contests.

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La Paloma, the most popular festival of the summer

The most famous and extensive celebration completes the August festivities. The festivity of La Paloma takes place on August 14 and 15 in the neighborhood of La Latina.

The celebrations in honor of the Virgin of La Paloma are the biggest in the capital. During the day, you can witness the religious procession through the streets of La Latina. And at night, begin other activities such as dances, DJ sessions, workshops, competitions, and exhibitions.

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