755 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London

Welcome to the world’s oldest art show

Welcome to the world’s oldest art show

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The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London is also the world’s oldest open-submission exhibition. For nearly 250 years it has offered a snapshot of contemporary art of unknown artists from all over. In 2015 exhibition, 1,200 pieces have been selected from 12,000 art pieces submitted by the public from professionals to amateurs alike.

So, if you are good enough, like Nathalie Soo and her painting Majestic Landscape (above), your works could be exhibited too, previous consideration of course, of a panel of judges or curators.

The first Summer Exhibition took place in 1769 and it has been held every year since without exception. The exhibition includes photograph Barber Shop: New York by Peter Chownsmith (above), but also Paintings, Prints, Drawings, Sculpture and Architectural designs.

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Michael Craig-Martin (above), panel of judges leading curator stands against one Royal Academy Summer Exhibition wall painted shocking pink and featuring works selected for this year’s Summer Exhibition, which are for sale to the exhibition visitors.

Sebastian Fomin artist of this photography above, titled Ozysandias, could get a prize. Artists displaying their works in this exhibition enter a winner’s shortlist, which is awarded with over £70,000.

Exhibition’s address: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Burlington House, Picadilly, London W1J 0BD. From June 8 – August 16 2015

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