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Modernisme route in Barcelona

Modernisme route in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a city full of charms, and one of them they are his architectural jewels of ends of the 19th century or what in artistic terms we would call modernism movement.


By the art of Catalan architects as  Lluís Domènech i Montaner, Josep Puig i Cadafalch, Enric Sagnier, Joan Rubió, Josep Maria Jujol and, especially AntoniGaudí- who created his own architectural universe – the city of Barcelona was reborn at the end of s. 19th century a few artistic forms – since that the modernism not only limits itself to the architecture – inspirated in the Nature, the organic world, and the profusion of colors. This artistic movement turns this way into a stamp of identity of Catalonia and that has in Barcelona one of his maximum exponents.

116 works of art shape this route towards the historical beauty and a style that strikes for his great visual impact full of forms and color. From emblematic works like La SagradaFamilia, el ParkGüell or La Casa Batlló de Gaudí up to less known others but so emblematic as Hospital de la Santa Creui Sant Pau the biggest Modernist enclosure of the whole Europe, or the Torre Bellesguard of Gaudí, that opened his doors last September, 2013.

Casa Estapé (Foto www.rutadelmodernisme.com)


If you come to Barcelona do not stop getting lost in the unusual, oneiric and delicate forms of the Modernism.

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