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Traveling with Family and Friends

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Are you planning to travel  to Barcelona with your family or friends?. Many of the problems that we have at the moment of planning a trip with a group is to find a stay perfect…

Modernisme route in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a city full of charms, and one of them they are his architectural jewels of ends of the 19th century or what in artistic terms we would call modernism movement. Bellesguard  By the…

Paris et ses « plages »

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Visit Paris during summer has a lot of advantages: less people in the streets but, most of all, plenty of space to relax. The French capital proposes a lot of good plans that enable to…

Hampton Court Palace Show

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London calling and next on our calendar is the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, the Largest Flower Show in the world. This Flower Show is not just famous for being the biggest, but also for…

Easter Holidays in Barcelona

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Have you ever been in Barcelona? This magical city is famous for the history behind its streets. If you want to travel, first you have to come to Barcelona, and then you can go all…

Correfocs La Mercè

La Mercè in Barcelona

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The summer season is slowly coming to an end… but not until September ends! If you will be in Barcelona this weekend, be prepared to enjoy city’s activities. La Mercè is the annual festival of…

El Tio Che

El Tio Che, what a great horchata!

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Want to discover the best horchata in Barcelona? We are going to tell you where to find it and how it all began … Iborra family arrived in Barcelona from Alicante with the intention of…


What to do in Barcelona this weekend?

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Are you in Barcelona? We have a great plan for you! Today begins the pure reflection of London’s Portobello Market in Barcelona. Barcelona en las Alturas is a trendy, glamorous and very elegant flea market…

Easter in Andalusia

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There is no better place than Andalusia for a true Easter. Today, from Derby Hotels, we want to discover you the cities where Easter is part of a culture where processions take place filled with…

Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

Legends of Gothic Quarter

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Just opened its doors in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona: Arai. In the “Palace of the Four Rivers” this apart hotel is a 4 star luxury monument to the city that has recovered an architectural…