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Architectural Jewels in Barcelona

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The wealth of architecture  in Barcelona goes far beyond  the most prolific creators…. Humankind cannot live on modernism alone! Here are some of the unique buildings that are a must-see during your visit to the…

Sweet home Barcelona

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Would you like to enjoy Barcelona’s sweeter side.? Note this selection of the best bakeries in the city!. Pambolisucre In the heart of the Sants neighbourhood, Pambolisucre is the perfect place for breakfast or for…

Appetiser route around Barcelona

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Barcelona is one of the top cities in the Mediterranean for  enjoying a great appetiser. There are bars and taverns of all sorts, but we are going to focus on the ones that have  withstood…

San Miguel Mas I Mas Festival

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A new edition of San Miguel Mas I Mas Festival begins!. From July 28th to September 1th, Barcelona fills up with music with more than 300 concerts and more than 100 performances in emblematic places…

Beach & City

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Have you ever thought about holidays in the city centre?. You can enjoy the pleasures of the summer, such as the beach, cultural activities or shopping that offers Barcelona. This is our attractive proposal from…

Easter Holidays in Barcelona

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Have you ever been in Barcelona? This magical city is famous for the history behind its streets. If you want to travel, first you have to come to Barcelona, and then you can go all…

Balmes Residence

Holidays in the city, Barcelona Apartment

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Are you planning a getaway to Barcelona? If you are looking for a place to stay, don’t miss our 120 apartments in Barcelona, welcome to Barcelona Apartment! Derby Hotels Collection offers furnished apartments, with capacities…

Hotel Bagues

Derby Hotels Essence

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Today we share with you one of our greatest prides . An important part of what makes us who we are. The essence of Derby Hotels. The key is  in the last part of our…

Correfocs La Mercè

La Mercè in Barcelona

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The summer season is slowly coming to an end… but not until September ends! If you will be in Barcelona this weekend, be prepared to enjoy city’s activities. La Mercè is the annual festival of…

El Tio Che

El Tio Che, what a great horchata!

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Want to discover the best horchata in Barcelona? We are going to tell you where to find it and how it all began … Iborra family arrived in Barcelona from Alicante with the intention of…