Hotel Gran Derby 4*

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Customer reviews

Average rating 5/5
Christine Lee Rating 5/5
October 2019 Very friendly and helpful staff

Especially the morning front desk gentleman. The room that we stayed at is pretty stylish. Happy with my staying at the hotel and will recommend to my friends.

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Martin Platt Rating 5/5
October 2019 The front desk support was exceptional

They deserve a commendation from the hotel's management.

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Lior Cohen Rating 5/5
October 2019 For sure will come again

The hotel is very clean, the customer care is very good.

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Jacob Lacayo Rating 5/5
October 2019 Love the interior design of the rooms

Nice location and convenient to get to places.

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David McLean Rating 5/5
October 2019 Staff both friendly and very helpful

Very good location, close to restaurants and shopping and transport.

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