Cebo Restaurant


CEBO Restaurant - Michelin Star 2024

The concept of CEBO, under the direction of the young Javier Sanz and Juan Sahuquillo, Madrid Fusión Revelation Chefs and awarded with various Michelin stars, is inspired by a cuisine stripped of artifice and expressed with select products. A deep cuisine full of nuances, which delves into flavours, claiming simplicity and the elemental. Cuisine for memory and remembrance.

CEBO is the evolution of Cañitas Maite in a format of haute cuisine with prominence of the room, and the aesthetic value of the plating to transmit visual and savory enjoyment in equal parts. The room and the plates will take center stage.

The second season of CEBO (2023-24) brings the Tasting Menus CLASSICS & SEASON, with 11 and 16 steps respectively.