Hotel Claris Barcelona

Long-term viable economic activities

We strive to ensure viable economic activities in the long term, which bring well-distributed socio-economic benefits to all agents, and which contribute to reducing poverty; making them part of our teams and our community, to achieve a better future for our planet.

At Derby Hotels Collection we are committed to the people of our community and aim to invest in social entities.

Within our company we develop policies regarding the management of the people who work in the company, in accordance with the SDG on health and well-being, gender equality and decent work and economic growth.

  • In the framework of the collaboration with foundations and institutions of a social nature that promote values ​​of inclusion, equal opportunities and social integration, the following actions stand out:
     · Agreement with Fundació Aura, an organization that works for the insertion into the world of work of people with diverse abilities. In particular, Derby Hotels collaborates in promoting Autonomy at Home programs.
     · Collaboration with Fundació Privada Trinijove, an entity whose mission is to promote the social and labor insertion of the most vulnerable groups through training, guidance and labor insertion, self-employment and social areas and of childhood and family.
     · Annual donation to Banc dels Aliments organization for the fight against hunger.
  • We establish secure relationships with the different agendas involved in our activity (teams, suppliers, entities, official bodies) taking into account the application of fair working conditions.
  • We get involved and actively participate together with official bodies and public-private entities in making decisions that affect the local environment of our hotels, providing a long-term vision.
  • We have a wide network of local suppliers to offer seasonal products and proximity to our venues; with the aim of supporting local entrepreneurs.