Claris HOTEL & SPA 5*GL Barcelona Pre-Columbian art

Claris Hotel Art Collection

The Hotel Claris is currently hosting the new exhibition entitled The Mayas and the Splendour of America which consists of more than fifty previously unseen works based on representative creations of Pre-Colombian civilizations and the Mayan culture. All the Mayan pieces are part of the private collection of the Clos Archaeological Foundation and were personally selected by chairman Jordi Clos.

Among the treasures of the Claris it is worth highlighting the collection of Pre-Colombian art from the Mayan, Chimú, Nayarit and Quimbaya cultures, 45 of which are currently on loan to the Barcelona Museum of World Cultures.


The Hotel Claris houses more than 50 pieces of Pre-Colombian art of tremendous historic and artistic value in its Exhibition Room on the first floor.