With the new Hotel Bagués Collection and the jewellers of Bagués-Masriera have recovered a palace for the city in the centre of the Ramblas

Recovering Barcelona

With the new Hotel Bagués Collection and the jewellers of Bagués-Masriera have recovered a palace for the city in the centre of the Ramblas

Hotel Bagués is a jewel of a hotel, a tribute to Barcelona at the turn of the 20th century

Hotel Bagués, located in the former Bagués-Masriera studio and jewellery shop, is the result of a joint project between the Bagués-Masriera jewellers and Derby Hotels Collection, to create a special bijou hotel, linked to the world of art and culture, as a tribute to the creative work of Bagués-Masriera in the field of jewellery. In Derby Hotels Collection, the jewellers of Bagués-Masriera have found the perfect partner, able to understand and share their ideas for building the Hotel Bagués.

Like a Russian doll, the new Hotel Bagués is a jewel inside another jewel inside the Ramblas, itself one of Barcelona’s finest jewels. A 5-star hotel created in response to Derby Hotels Collection and Bagués-Masriera jewellers’ concern to recreate a space for the city and recapture the splendour of the years in which Art Nouveau and Catalan Modernism placed Barcelona among the world’s best-known cities.

The concept behind Hotel Bagués, a bijou hotel, a monument to Bagués-Masriera as a luxury brand, had never existed before in Spain. There are only 31 rooms, each conceived, designed and exquisitely decorated as befits the palace that houses them. The project, overseen personally by Jordi Clos, is faithful to the philosophy of Derby Hotels Collection: the new Hotel Bagués is much more than a hotel. On this occasion, Clos has joined forces with the leading maker of high-class Catalan jewellery, Bagués-Masriera. Thanks to this cooperation, it has been possible to recover one of the city’s most beautiful monuments, a palace designed in 1850 by the architect Josep Fontserè i Domènech, which until a few years ago contained one of Bagués-Masriera’s historic jewellery shops and part of their studio.

Hotel Bagués also houses a unique collection of work from the Bagués-Masriera fund, a jewel within a jewel. Masriera is recognised worldwide as one of the leading exponents of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. In the new hotel’s museum and function room, visitors can see pieces which have been displayed in the world’s leading museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Museum of Decorative Art in Madrid, and the MNAC in Barcelona. Faithful to the style of Derby Hotels Collection and its passion for art, each room in Hotel Bagués also contains pieces from the Bagués-Masriera fund, providing a review of the history of the jeweller’s art and the firm’s creative development.

The Boquería market, Liceu opera house, the Bethlehem Church... the new Hotel Bagués is another example of beauty, art, culture and the pleasure of enjoying once again the authentic spirit of the Ramblas of Barcelona.