Granados 83 4*S MONUMENT Barcelona Hindu and Buddhist Art

Granados 83 Hotel Art Collection

The collection at the Granados 83 Hotel includes reliefs from India with rich representations of the Hindu pantheon; Khmer sculptures from the 12th-14th centuries; and Indian representations of Buddha dating back to the 8th century, showing the evolution of traditional Indian art.

The Indian reliefs, which adorn the foyer and continue into the hotel bar, combine with smaller, but no less important, pieces found in the guest rooms: fine carved doors, lattices, Indian shrines and Hindu stone sculptures. Also notable for its peculiarity is a collection of sculptures made from the wood that formed the structure of ceremonial carriages used in southern Indian religious festivals.

The collection of original Roman mosaics can be found in the Granados 83 function room, with traditional geometric and figurative art, that recall the great Roman villas of the 5th century AD.