Arai 4*S MONUMENT Barcelona Architectural elements

Arai Hotel Art Collection

The Arai Aparthotel houses a varied collection of pieces that belonged to the Palau dels Quatre Rius (Palace of the Four Rivers), where the hotel is located today. 

The building in itself is a work of art; many of its original features have been restored, such as its wall paintings, wooden beams, coffered ceilings, cement tiled floors with large drawings, marble floors inlaid with different colours and some artistic ironwork on its main staircase and large entrance gate.

The lower floor contains a small room/museum with pieces found during the remodelling of the building and others from the private collection of the Fundació Arqueològica Clos, as well as a large Roman mosaic with a religious dedicatory, clearly in line with and invoking the members of the clergy who occupied the palace at that time.

All features belonging to the original palace have been restored, such as chapels, virgins and columns with capitals and figures of cherubs, which form part of the decoration of its lounges.