Bagués 5* MONUMENT Barcelona Masriera jewellery

Bagués Hotel Art Collection

A key feature of the Bagués Hotel is its Exhibition Room on the first floor which permanently displays part of the Masriera jewellery collection, especially pieces from the modernism and Art Deco period. The collection is completed by jewellery and a diverse range of objects also designed by Lluis Masriera that are displayed in the hotel’s rooms, which offer guests the chance to view in absolute privacy original pieces by the famous jeweller.

The construction of the Bagués Hotel is an expression of art in itself; the materials used in the interior were inspired by those used by the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh in works as well-known as Hill House, the Glasgow School of Art and the Willow Tearooms. They include fine woods such as ebony, wenge and rosewood, slate imported from India and blocks of marble from Brazil with mangrove plant fossilisations for the floors.

Also notable is the use of the flower designed by Mackintosh for the windows of the Willow Tearooms on the doors of the room and the flower designed by his wife, Margaret Macdonald, which has been carved into the furniture with gold background. Another material used is gold leaf, which is present throughout the central area of the inner courtyard and on the furniture.

A large golden sculpture depicting a long creeping vine, a work by the School of Arts and Crafts in Cuenca, runs up the building through the inside of the main staircase.