Bagués 5* MONUMENT Barcelona Art Noveau

Bagués Hotel Art Collection

In the Room-Museum of the Hotel Bagués, you can discover a collection of 27 Art Noveau glass vases, works by Émile Gallé and other authors of that time. Gallé (Nancy, 1846-1904) is regarded as one of the leading innovators of the French Art Nouveau movement and known mainly for his work on glass. In addition, he is one of the founders of the École de Nancy.

The collection, which had previously belonged to a Madrid noble family, also counts with works by other contemporary artists to Gallé, some of them trained in his workshops. The ensemble stands out for its rich coloring and for the use of nature-inspired motifs. To do this, Gallé created a botanical garden in his workshop in order to be able to easily and faithfully access the models that inspired him and his disciples.

The technique of acid etching is the protagonist of this exhibition. It is a technique that allows to identify different relief patterns, thus obtaining a subtle mixture of effects between polished glass, matte glass and satin. To make it, the negative decoration is first drawn on the piece of glass, which will be coated with a base of Judea bitumen. The piece is then submerged in a hydrofluoric acid bath. This acid attacks the unprotected parts of the piece making the decoration come to life in different shades.

As in all Derby Hotels Collection establishments, the collection is open to the public for free and it is recommended to contact the hotel in advance to arrange the visit.